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The wealth of sensitive and confidential data law firms hold make them prime targets for cyber criminals, hacktivists and other threat actors.

Law firms must maintain a robust security posture; a breach could not only result in significant financial losses but also severely damage their reputation. Over the last two years, the frequency of cyberattacks on law firms has surged by more than 60%, underscoring the urgent need for better preparedness against potential threats. Reputation is paramount for law firms, as client confidence and trust are crucial. Cyberattacks that compromise sensitive information could have catastrophic consequences. Consequently, law firms are intensifying their cybersecurity efforts. Being perceived as vulnerable targets compels them to fortify their defenses to safeguard against criminal activities.

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Our technology proficiency and skills are extensive but most importantly, our team of technical consulting experts understand how they are best used and are able to translate our customer business.

Of law firms have been the victims of a cyber attack
0 %
Of law firms have no cyber security policies in place
0 %
Of law firms have a full security assessment
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               Cyber Challenges Facing Law Firms

Lack of available cybersecurity professionals
Business email compromise attacks
Increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals
Increased activity from hacktivists.
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